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Chocolate Cherry Nut Trail Mix | Woodstock Farms
Chocolate Cherry Nut Trail Mix
$ 84.95
Organic Cacao Nibs | Woodstock Farms
Organic Cacao Nibs
$ 309.95
Organic Shredded Coconut | Woodstock Farms
Organic Coconut Shred - Unsulphured
From $ 14.95
Wasabi Peas | Woodstock Farms
Wasabi Peas
$ 48.95
Raw Almonds | Woodstock Farms
Almonds Raw (No Shell)
From $ 149.95
Organic Banana Chips | Woodstock Farms
Organic Banana Chips
$ 34.95
Organic Medjool Dates | Woodstock Farms
Organic Diced Apple | Woodstock Farms
Organic Diced Apples
$ 229.95
Golden Raisins | Woodstock Farms
Golden Raisins
From $ 36.95
Tamari Pumpkin Seeds (Bulk) | Woodstock Farms Mfg
Tamari Pumpkin Seeds
$ 89.95
Organic Mango Diced | Woodstock Farms
Organic Diced Mango
$ 229.95
Milk Chocolate Gems | Woodstock Farms
Milk Chocolate Gems
$ 165.95
Organic Dried Mango | Woodstock Farms
Organic Mango Strips
$ 189.95
Shredded Coconut | Woodstock Farms
Coconut Shred - Unsulphured
From $ 13.95
Organic Cashews Dry Roasted Salted | Woodstock Farms
Sold out
Tropical Fruit Medley
Tropical Fruit Medley
$ 122.95
Green Bean Chips
Green Bean Chips
$ 147.95
Pistachios Roasted & Salted | Woodstock Farms
Roasted Pistachios (Salted)
$ 189.95
Dark Chocolate Raisins | Woodstock Farms
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
$ 79.95

See what drives us

Woodstock Farms Manufacturing began as the Hershey Import Company, founded in 1971. The Brooklyn-born company began by importing nuts, dried fruits, and seeds, and selling in bulk to wholesalers and distributors in the metropolitan New York area. As we grew and expanded our capabilities we crossed the river to find a larger, 20,000 square foot facility in Rahway, New Jersey that would soon double in size.

During the 1990s, the Hershey Import Company lead the way in healthy food trends. We were one of the first companies to capitalize on the growing market for trail mixes and we established a facility in Linden, NJ to produce some of the first ever yogurt-covered items.

To keep pace with rapid growth, Hershey Import Company found a new 110,000 square foot home in nearby Edison, NJ, and in 2009, we became Woodstock Farms Manufacturing.

With hundreds of items, we are a leading supplier, importer, processor, and packager of safe, quality bulk snacks and ingredients for foodservice, bakeries, retailers, club stores and more. We believe in responsibly producing and distributing high quality, nutritious food and safe product.  Our current 180,000 square foot state of the art facility is SQF Level 2 certified.

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