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Organic Amaranth

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Size:25 lbs.

Amaranth was first cultivated over 8,000 years ago.  The only grain to contain vitamins, this organic grain is high in calcium, protein, iron and magnesium.

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Jose Herrera
Best priced healthy food money can buy

Message to Woodstock: please seal/tie the bag with amaranth before sealing the shipping box. The amaranth spills all over the inside and outside the shipping box throughout the shipping and delivery journey.

The amaranth Woodstock sells is of high quality and you won’t find a better price for something of this quality.
I only wish there was a more ecological way to provide product to customers on west coast. This amaranth seems to be packaged in California, send to New Jersey, and then ship it to customers address. If it is available in California why not deliver from your California warehouse?

Guess who?
Received well

The product I received was is great condition. I moved into a storage bucket. I was pleased the it held up well in shipping, unlike some Quinoa I purchased through another vendor. That product came open and someone tied a plastic bag around it to hold the contents in :(