Put your Name on our Quality

At Woodstock Farms Manufacturing, we recognize that every business is different. All supermarkets are not created equal. Each co-op has its own values. Every bodega serves a unique neighborhood.

That’s why Woodstock Farms is more than just a manufacturer; we’re a partner in marketing. Our mission is to help you create a product line that complements your business strategy and builds on your brand. Whether you’re looking to fill bulk bins or create a line of impulse snacks, we’ll help you design a private label to perfectly interlock with your business model.

We want to open up a world of possibilities for you. Your product line will feature the exact items, size, packaging style, quantity, and look you need. And our in-house graphic design team can help ensure you receive eye-catching, modern packaging true to your brand. It’s quality from the inside out.

But we won’t stop there. Our goal is to foster a partnership that unites your trusted name and our high standard of quality. Customers will buy the first bag because they know your brand; they’ll buy the second because they love our product. That’s our promise: quality you’ll be proud to put your name on. I know I am.