Woodstock Farms Manufacturing began as the Hershey Import Company, founded in 1971 by entrepreneur Mitchell Hershey. The Brooklyn-born company began by importing nutsdried fruits, and seeds, and selling in bulk to wholesalers and distributors in the metropolitan New York area. As we grew and began expanding our packing capabilities, we crossed the river to find a larger, 20,000 square foot facility in Rahway, New Jersey that would soon double in size.

During the 1990s, the Hershey Import Company lead the way in new snacking trends. We were one of the first companies to capitalize on the growing market for trail mixes and we established a facility in Linden, NJ to produce some of the first ever yogurt-covered items.

In February of 1998, Hershey Import Company became a division of United Natural Foods, Inc. As a new member of the corporate family, we were able to build on our strong supply lines to embrace the growing demand for natural and organic products. By bringing customers the value-added and healthier-for-you brands they were clamoring for, Hershey Import Company established itself as an industry leader.

To keep pace with rapid growth, Hershey Import Company found a new 110,000 square foot home in nearby Edison, NJ, and in 2009, we became Woodstock Farms Manufacturing. Today, we have extended our services to national grocery stores, retailers, and foodservice across the United States and to customers worldwide.